Rosewood Reception Center
Where Family and Friends Come to Meet

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Rosewood Reception Center is located in Pocatello, ID next to Taysom Rotary Park (just south of "Old Town").

Directions From I-15:
Take the Clark Street exit and turn west (toward downtown).
Go all the way down until you get to 4th Ave and turn left. (one way street)

Drive south on 4th until you get to Benton Street then turn right.

Get in the left lane and go over the overpass thru Main Street until you get to Arthur.
Turn left (one way street) and head south. Arthur curves to the left and joins up with Main street which is heading north. This becomes Bannock Hwy.

You'll go past a Gas Station on the right, then a residential area and come to the Greenway Office Park on the right.

There are a few empty lots in the park. Rosewood is located at the back of the park. There is plenty of parking in the Greenway Office Park area. Parking spots are also located by Alta Animal Hospital.


Office Business Hours:

Monday and Wednesday
11:00am - 5:00pm
Thurs 2:00pm - 5:00pm

or by appointment
call Chris


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